About Me

My name is Peter Berrie and my home these days is in Whitley Bay near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. I live mostly quietly and peacefully with my wife Anjanette and our border collie Patch.

I’m recently retired after a career spent mostly in IT and telecommunications. I left BT in 2019 after a 14 year career. Prior to BT, I worked freelance and earlier in my career I worked at PHH Europe plc (which no longer exits in the UK) and as a civil servant for HM Land Registry where I learnt about computers in the first place.

My major interests in life now are (in no particular order) genealogy, science, the environment, puzzles and politics. I’ve had a lifelong love of maths and astronomy. Naturally I’ll be exploring these and other topics as my blog grows.

See elsewhere on the site for more of my background, career and interests.