Genealogy Cafe – whatever next?

I’ve been hosting a website called Genealogy Cafe for just over a year now. The idea is to create and sustain an online community where people interested in family history can share their genealogy successes and challenges. In a sentence, the site has not been nearly as successful as I’d hope when I set it up. I say this because there isn’t much participation by the members. In fact, around 25 people joined and never even returned once to the site despite many prompts of different sorts from me ( which included emails, a newsletter and a competition).

I’ve also started a podcast for Genealogy Cafe and this feels more of a success. I’ve only recorded 5 episodes and those have attracted over 1,000 listeners so perhaps podcasting is a better medium for me.

So the future of Genealogy Cafe is now in the balance as part of a summer “rethink” which I hope to follow with a September action plan in due course. Watch this space for more news when I have it.

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