Papay Day 17 – The Milky Way

At around 11.30pm, Anjanette and I sat on the bench in the garden for a while, looking for the elusive Perseids. We saw a handful of meteors and Anj was ready to sleep.

I stayed awake and at 1 in the morning I decided to take another look. I crept quietly out of the byre where we’re staying and, as I stepped out of the door, I looked up to see the most AMAZING sight.

There in front of me was the Milky Way in all its glory stretched at least halfway across the sky. I could see the “W” of Cassiopeia almost overhead and it was half buried in a blanket of a thousand stars. The whole sky , except the far south horizon, was crystal clear. There were stars everywhere.

I did see another dozen or so Perseid meteors but I didn’t really care. I just leaned back and let the star-filled sky soak into me. I just wish I had a photograph to go with this blog entry but all I could do is rob one via Google.