Papay Day 16 – Day Trip to Town

I took the 15 minute flight to Kirkwall this morning in this plane. After doing the family shop at Tesco, I drove to Stromness and back (by different routes). I called in at a small bistro (I’d say “fish and chip shop” myself).

Stromness is an interesting small town. It serves as a dock for the ferries to and from Scrabster on the north coast of Scotland. Its main street runs from north to south and resembles a wide path, rather than a road, which winds past local houses and shops with just enough places for two cars to pass safely if slowly. The streets reminded me of some parts of Torquay where you can sometimes be unsure whether a road really is meant for two way traffic!

On my drive to Stromness and back, I came across some nice spots. Between Finstown and Stennes, there’s a lane on the right that leads to a lovely viewpoint by the Loch of Harray with barely a building in sight and just the sound of the wind and the birds in your ears.

In the southern corner of the island is the village of Houton with a small harbour. On a sunny day, it’s a great sight as you drive slowly along the coast. A little further along the road, a small lane on the right leads to a small car park from where you can walk to the remains of Earls Bu – a 10th century “drinking hall” and of a 12th century round church. This spot has Norse/Viking connections and is well worth a walk round.

Anyway, this is the plane that I flew in to Kirkwall and back for the very reasonable return fare of £14.50 which applies to all flights originating in one of the North Isles.

May be an image of aeroplane and outdoors