Papay Day 18 – The Pub

Papay doesn’t have a pub in the usual sense of the word. One of the realities of very small communities is that dedicated facilities (i.e. buildings and people) for most purposes aren’t sustainable. So, for example, the kirk doubles up as the bank and the doctor’s surgery and behind the school there’s a community building with a small library, office space, a gym and a dark room.

And so it is with the pub which is, essentially, a small cupboard in the corner of a community room in the hostel. Once a week, on Saturday evenings, the pub opens for a few hours, sometimes providing live entertainment from the only band on the island.

So today was “pub night” and some of the family went along for a drink, a little socialising and some music from the local band. Naturally the pub, along with many other island facilities and events, has been impacted by COVID. It’s now returned almost to normal with mask wearing being required only while walking in, out or around the pub.

Here’s a shot of the band in full swing.

May be an image of 3 people, people playing musical instruments and indoor