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    Papay Day 17 – The Milky Way

    At around 11.30pm, Anjanette and I sat on the bench in the garden for a while, looking for the elusive Perseids. We saw a handful of meteors and Anj was ready to sleep. I stayed awake and at 1 in…

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    Papay Day 16 – Day Trip to Town

    I took the 15 minute flight to Kirkwall this morning in this plane. After doing the family shop at Tesco, I drove to Stromness and back (by different routes). I called in at a small bistro (I’d say “fish and…

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    Papay Day 15 – Bothican

    This is Bothican Beach. It’s a stone’s throw from Papy’s “new” pier where the Kirkwall ferry docks twice a week (in good weather!). We’ve has some nice sunny days this week although it’s still a bit chilly in the wind.…

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    Papay Day 14 – Knapp of Howar

    I love this shot that Anjanette took of my youngest granddaughter when they visited the Knap of Howar which is said to be the oldest standing stone house in North West Europe dating from 5000 years ago – the Knap…

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    Papay Day 12 – St Boniface

    Yesterday we explored St Boniface church. It’s a really small church perched on the west coast with views over to Westray. Another nice example of an Orkney stone building.

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    Papay Day 11 – The Kelp Store

    Yesterday we went to explore The Kelp Store which is Papay’s Heritage Centre. It has books, art, family history and more. It’s also a lovely peaceful space set on the eastern shoreline by the old pier and it quickly became…

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    Papay Day 10 – Cows

    Today there was a traffic jam on the main road. I decided that the cows were bigger than us so we waited quietly while they ate grass, sniffed the car and generally ran amok. One of my Facebook friends suggested…

  • Genealogy

    Genealogy Cafe – whatever next?

    I’ve been hosting a website called Genealogy Cafe for just over a year now. The idea is to create and sustain an online community where people interested in family history can share their genealogy successes and challenges. In a sentence,…

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    Papay Day 8 – Clestrain

    We’re being hosted on Papay at Clestrain – the home of PaulandMel. For those who don’t know the family, Mel is my daughter. Here’s a view of MOST of the house with the main house to the right and the…